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Is a tool for earthwork contractors, subcontractors, developers, landowners to plan where they will need to haul off and/or haul in dirt. This will allow Construction Sidekick to stablish a database with the approximate start date and location of the projects to coordinate in advance the best deal for both sides. It is also connected to a large network of existing local disposal sites and dirt pits.


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    Services we can provide


    Hauling dirt offsite

    Our extensive fleet can take care of all the excavated dirt and dispose it in legal disposal sites we have access all over the Greater Houston Area.

    Disposal Sites

    We have an extensive network of disposal sites all over the Greater Houston Area that can accept your material, no matter what type it is. We have several Contractors and Builders that are always looking for fill dirt for their projects and with that combined we can lower prices on both sides.


    If you have an older building on your site that needs to go, we can take care of it for you. We will clean up after ourselves and haul all the debris and rubble offsite. Our team also can demolish of existing parking lots or asphalt paved areas and grading it, ready for begin building.

    Clearing and Grubbing

    We can take any piece of land, clear it and prepare it for development, we can remove undesired trees & vegetation, as well as raking of leftover roots and strip superficial vegetation.

    Rising properties to a desired level.

    We can stablish with landowner or developer a both beneficial agreements, where we can use their property to dispose of clean dirt coming out of excavation projects. We will handle all operations activities and return to the landowner or developer the leveled property ready for development or sale. We can also work with county authorities to obtain required permits if needed.

    Detention and Amenity Pond Excavation

    Design and build dry or wet detention pond in your property and moving excavated dirt to another location inside your property raising the level of it or dispose excess offsite.

    Flexamat Installation and inspection

    Installation of Flexamat by highly trained and certified crew on any of your construction projects. Our experts can inspect the installation of this product and provide vendors and Owners with a detailed inspection report.

    Disposal Sites management

    We can also furnish labor and equipment to manage disposal sites for GCs, Developers, Landowners, etc. We will comply with all management techniques (dust control, roads clean up, compaction, flaggers, SWPPPs, etc).


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